Deep Thoughts
One B.C. to Another B.C.
I was comparing British Columbia and Baja California today. With British Columbia, I thought of words like calm, tranquility, crisp, gentle, generous, vast, huge trucks, huge road shoulders- room for everyone there. With Baja California, I think of the words crazy, loud, dust, narrow roads, no shoulder, exhaust, people, people, people, friendliness, curiosity, running, yelling, laughter, smiles.

At first glance, it seems as though British Columbia is the better of the two all around. And maybe technologically and infrastructurally, it is. However, I keep coming back to the running, yelling, laughter, and smiles part. That, to me, tells me a lot.

I feel as though we, in North America, with all of our money, materials, technology, structure, and status isn't making us happy. In fact, it might even be taking away from our quest for happiness. It seems North America is getting richer and richer but, more and more people are sedated, literally, by the world of anti-depressants and beta-blockers for one reason or another. More so now, our laughter results from cynicism or at the expense of another.

I agree wholeheartedly that conscientiousness and infrastructure needs to be in place in any given country. But their laughter, their jokes, their friendships and smiles come from pretty deep. They dream. They dream for the things that we have while we dream for happiness as deep as theirs.
When I can capture this happiness in a photo, I will be sure to pass it on.

Disclaimer: My views and opinions stated in my Deep Thoughts section are my own and you may not agree with them.
I hope you do not take offense as I am just throwing out what I've been thinking about. This is my disclaimer that we will remain
friends despite differing views we might have. Who knows, as time goes on and I grow wiser, my views may change, maybe even after talking with you!
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