Deep Thoughts
Always Look Back
I have lately wondered why people say "Never look back". I disagree. Why not look back and learn from what you have done? Are those who say this ashamed of something they have done or failed to do? Are they embarrassed or too egoistic to learn from a mistake made in the past?

I like to look back, literally these days, and see what I have accomplished. I look back and lament and rejoice. I want to acknowledge the mistakes I have made and hopefully learn from them. I look back on the good times and smile and I look back on the tough times and laugh and realize that I am a stronger person because of them. I look back on the just plain old bad times and times when I was at fault and work through them; try to make amends with myself and those who I may have hurt. Realizing problems I have caused will hopefully enable me to avoid making the same mistake twice.

Looking back, I can try to right my wrongs, take my mistakes and successes and apply my new knowledge and feelings to future situations. I think looking back will keep us all a bit more honest with ourselves and others.

I have made it a habit everyday to turn around on my bike and look back and see how far I have come. I look back and think, Wow, that is beautiful and also think, whoa.... I biked that.

Disclaimer: My views and opinions stated in my Deep Thoughts section are my own and you may not agree with them.
I hope you do not take offense as I am just throwing out what I've been thinking about. This is my disclaimer that we will remain
friends despite differing views we might have. Who knows, as time goes on and I grow wiser, my views may change, maybe even after talking with you!
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