Deep Thoughts
Let's say you go to an authentic Mexican Restaurant. Now, I am not talking about one of those cheesy chains that offers "Atkins" specials like Don Pablo's, which are anything but authentic - I am talking real refried beans, spicy rice, and some grease washed down with some sangria. After a meal such as this, you head to the ball game.

Then, all of the sudden, BAM - Mexico, as a country, a culture, a history, moves into your lower intestine - and it is moving fast.

You stop dead in your tracks on your way to your box seating and search desperately without trying to look it, for a bathroom. As nonchalantly as you can, you stroll to the nearest restroom and scream into the first stall you can get to. You barely strip down your underpants let alone line the seat with TP and you thank the high heavens you made it. TP - Oh god. There are seven squares of TP left on the roll. It's too late. You can't change stalls, you've already taken the Browns to the Superbowl. You're frozen as your mind races. You take a recount. In your haste you miscounted - there are only 6.

You stretch you arm under the wall to the other stall, reaching for the possibility of some TP hanging low enough from the other side. Nothing. Six squares is all you have.

You utilize what you have, working efficiently, but not with haste. You soon find that, by folding, instead of balling up the TP as you normally would do to keep your hand as far from the orafice that created such havoc, works well. You fold again for the second wipe, and once again for a third; the third is clean. You double check - Clean Again! Success!

If we could all treat our natural resources as if we only have a bit left, we'd be able to leave some for the future. Many times, creativity and innovation come only with necessity and we just can't let it get to that point when it comes to the environment.
Get efficient NOW!

Disclaimer: My views and opinions stated in my Deep Thoughts section are my own and you may not agree with them.
I hope you do not take offense as I am just throwing out what I've been thinking about. This is my disclaimer that we will remain
friends despite differing views we might have. Who knows, as time goes on and I grow wiser, my views may change, maybe even after talking with you!
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